I can so relate to your experience.

A few months ago I arrived at Kaiser Permanente Oakland for a lab test.

When I checked in at the nurse's station she as loudly as possible said me, I don't understand, how can a woman have a prostate gland? When I didn't answer, she did it again

I reported it and like usual absolutely nothing happen and it never will.

This is not an isolated event for me but a pattern of behavior, of treatment that is completely foreign from what I have been told by White Trans Women.

I don't know anywhere to go or anyone to trust anymore.

Thank you. I so rarely get to read a succinct insight that reflects challenging aspects of my lived experience. I moved to the Bay area hoping to find less of the transmisogyny you describe, less intersectional racialized class within the regional LGBTQ+ world. What a fool I was.

I hear and feel you. It is unfortunately so common that I am numb to it, noticing only when Whites who are triggered say the most unhinged comments (Karens) becauses they are so uncomfortable, threatedn my my sharing public space with them.

Muirén Ní Sídach (She, Her)

Muirén Ní Sídach (She, Her)

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